A. C. Brooks


"Tacos in my Yard"


A.C. Brooks

CopyrightSeptember 2014

They're making tacos in my yard

Guaranteed they're gonna get free SNAP cards

Overcrowd our schools and spread some funky jungle disease

Obama rolled out the welcome mat

To him they're not illegals they're just democrats

He should be arrested for the border he's failed to guard

Time to put up a fence no more tacos in my yard

Now I know I'll be called a racist

'Cause I watch "Fox and Friends" and know all the faces

Miss Kelly, O'Reilly, The Five and Judge Jeanine

Just like me they speak the truth

Unlike the left-wing lamestream news

If you like this song you're gonna love my latest book

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I had a dream about Rick Perry

The Texas governor and visionary

We were sittin' high upon the roof

He said: They're swimming 'cross the Rio Grande             

They come by sea and they come by land

I had no choice but to call the National Guard

And I said: Thank you Rick I'm tired of tacos in my yard 

They're making tacos in my yard

Took a bunch of vegetables from my garden

Boiled up some chickens and a big 'ol bag of rice                 

Obama he denies the crisis

And he seems to hate the Jews more than he does ISIS

The constitution and the country he's torn apart

Thanks to "Hope and Change" they're making tacos in my yard

Yes I'm a fan of Chipoltle

I like burritos but not Nick Nolte

Hollywood liberals they make me wanna puke

Obama he's their Lord and Savior                                           

A morally corrupt racial instigator

They deserve each other like a rat deserves a flea

They're making tacos in my yard and I can't get any sleep